Johnathan Book

Johnathan Lloyd Book

St Louis MO –

Personal Summary and Objectives

I have a strong academic career combined with exemplary and extensive knowledge of the educational system. I am passionate about the lives of all students and hope to create life long learners within and outside of my classroom. As you will see, my qualifications display extensive experience in urban settings and a strong determination of effect change in students’ lives.


Youth Learning Center-St Louis – St Louis, MO:

Integrated Mathematics Teacher

·Work closely with underprivileged students within communities of need grade levels 4th through 8th

·Extensive experience with curriculum development and integration of state core curricular facets to Video Game Design

·Primary curricular developer

·Member of Youth Learning Center Charter School Committee dealing with behavioral issues and PBIS creation and implementation

·Experience working in areas across St Louis including Charter Schools such as JAMA Charter School in Old North City St Louis

·Became Member of Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth

Living Diversity, LLC – St Louis, MO:

·Curricular coordinator for the Transformative Youth Program

·Involved in training and hiring members of TYP workshops

·Involved with development of program and grant proposal applications

·Working closely with members of the advocacy community of organizations within St Louis


The University of Western Ontario, Canada

BA Specialization in Sociology

·Area of focus includes demographic analysis and interactionary theory

·4 year degree obtained in 3 year enrollment period

The University of Missouri-St Louis

Masters of Elementary Education (pending)

·GPA of 4.0

·Taken courses in a variety of subject areas including character education, social justice and advocacy

·Experience with the writing of grant proposals and striving toward becoming published in the realm of literacy and community relevancy

Doctoral Candidate: Character Education and Democratic School Governance, Currently Enrolled

·Currently generating doctoral thesis regarding public school education and granting curricular autonomy to individual schools to increase effectiveness of youth educational tendencies with regard to specific subject areas as well as character education