John Selby

Founder of WizeWell; Short-Form Mindfulness Innovator

John Selby is the founder and head of WizeWell Inc, Trained as a psychologist at Princeton, UC Berkeley and the Radix Institute, he was one of the original scientists researching mindfulness meditation and stress-reduction methods using EEG brain monitoring for the National Institutes of Health.

John has taught thousands of students his unique short-form approach to mindfulness meditation and stress relief, with a continuing focus on at-work mind-management techniques for enjoying work more and succeeding at higher levels. He has also developed more intensive at-home programs that de-mystify traditional meditation methods so that we can all easily use them in our busy everyday lives.

During the last three decades, John has published over two dozen mindfulness books in both America and Europe, with more than a million readers of his various techniques for shifting rapidly into a more mindful, relaxed, and engaged mindset at work, and also at home.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, John is currently working with Plantronics on a special at-work stress-relief app which runs parallel to John's Udemy WizeWell course. John is also the author of three novels exploring possible future dramas related to the emerging psych-tech revolution where technology is employed to modify and improve emotional balance and mental performance.

Having served as scientist, teacher, author, psych-tech inventor and therapist, John is pleased to team with Udemy to bring his core mindfulness / stress-relief program (at an affordable price) to all who want it!

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