Jiri Novotny

Personal Productivity Expert

Jiri Novotny is a personal productivity and human potential expert with over 11 years of experience.

He is the founder of Dextronet, makers of Swift To-Do List for Windows, a popular productivity software with over 1 million downloads worldwide. As a lead designer of Swift To-Do List, Jiri has received tens of thousands of emails with feedback from its users world-wide. This invaluable information has helped him understand personal productivity on a deep level.

Apart from this unique knowledge, Jiri has also extensively studied industry leaders such as David Allen, Peter Drucker, Michael Linenberger or Mark Forster.

He is author of 2 books on personal productivity, and numerous popular articles, some of them published on LifeHacker or Business Insider.

Meta Productivity is a culmination of his life's work.

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