John Gutekunst

Sharing the Truth about depression and how to conquer it

Depression is not a joke. However, solutions exist. Depression CAN be conquered- including yours.

John is the founder of ConquerMyDepressionToday. John went through a very severe experience with depression back in 2010. He experienced suicidal thoughts and urges, ended up taking antidepressants (and successfully got off them in +/- 6 months, which you'll learn about in his eCourse), and also took an eight-week unpaid leave of absence from work as a result of his depression. He also invested over 350 hours and tens of thousands of dollars into psychotherapy from 2010 to 2013. 

Today, John is grateful and happy to say that due to the therapy and a variety of other things he learned and applied, he has been depression free since 2013.

As a result of his experience with depression, creating breakthroughs, and Completely Transforming his life; John "retired" from his banking profession and eventually started his Personal Transformation practice in 2015. Today his title is a Transformation Specialist, and he specializes in helping people Completely Transform their lives and overcome whatever challenge or obstacle is preventing them from experiencing the deep amounts of joy they are capable of experiencing and deserve.

Conquering depression and Complete Transformation is only for those that are ready. John has personally invested over $100,000 into his Personal Transformation practice, including obtaining certifications for over 800 hours of training in Alternative Mental Health methods during the first year of operating his practice, plus his 350 hours in therapy, plus thousands of hours reading, researching, attending seminars, completing eCourses, webinars, etc.


One of the biggest (and most unfortunate) takeaways John has from his experience in therapy for his depression, the training materials he received for his practice, work with his clients, and the countless other resources and guides he has come across for psychology and depression is this:

There is a LOT of inaccurate and misleading information in the mental health industry, especially for depression.

Depression is often miss-diagnosed and over-diagnosed. What causes depression is debated and the best ways to treat depression are also debated and disagreed upon frequently by mental healthcare professionals. Each professional has a different opinion on it and will treat it differently. The mental healthcare landscape and industry is really messy, with varying interests and incentive$ that influence and affect each professional and organization, and the treatment recommendations they provide.

The eCourse provided on Udemy is intended to help you save a TON of time and money so you do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars or thousands of hours sorting through all of this information to find out what works and what doesn't.

Not only does this eCourse share information about an experience that is clinically proven to generate remission of depressive symptoms in as little as one day; it also shares all of the "best of the best" materials and tips from someone who has been down this road before and knows what actually works vs. what doesn't.

So this eCourse is basically a 2-for-1 in "what works" to conquer depression.

Maybe you'll conquer it completely during this eCourse, or maybe you'll decide to do this "one day experience" after the course. Regardless of whether you are interested in this experience or not, this eCourse is loaded with an incredible amount of invaluable information from someone that has been down this path before. 

This information will definitely benefit you in your journey of conquering your depression once and for all.

From the entire community at ConquerMyDepressionToday, all the best to you in your journey to conquer your depression!

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Please also remember that 10% (ten percent) of all revenues generated by ConquerMyDepressionToday (including revenues from this eCourse) are donated to the Therapy for the Young Foundation. This Foundation is dedicated to providing safe and effective therapy for children and teens, especially those that have been exposed to trauma and/or abuse.

The Foundation provides grants directly to the families and/or caretakers in need of financial assistance for the cost of therapy services for their child(ren) or teen(s). The Foundation also intends to fund research studies that promote safer and/or more effective therapy practices for kids and teens.

So, yes, when you purchase this eCourse a portion of the proceeds will go to this charity. We thank you in advance for any support you make for this great cause.