Joey Lott


For more than two decades Lott suffered from worsening anxiety and stress. Everything that he tried to help himself - from yoga to meditation to various forms of therapy and so forth - didn't provide lasting transformation.

When at his wit's end, he discovered a key insight that finally produced real transformation. That key insight was to cease resisting his own experience, whether it was pleasant or horrific.

Since that time he has shared this insight with others through one-on-one sessions, bestselling books, and video courses. He has also been dedicated to an ever broadening and deepening understanding of the nature of stress as well as the most effective ways in which one can support oneself in transformation.

He has researched nutrition extensively for its role in stress and resilience. And he is a passionate advocate of traditional wisdom that is supported by modern understanding. Namely, nurturing one's body is the path to health and resilience while starving one's body is the path to sickness and stress.

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