Joe Gunther

Soldier in the United State Army, Ordnance Corps

I am Joe Gunther a Specialist in the Army National Guard and a ROTC Cadet at my university where I'm majoring in business. I first enlisted in 2012 and joining the Army has been one the greatest decisions and one of the best achievements in my life.

I traveled from out of state to come to college and being naive about the true cost of tuition lead me to make the jump to a different state without proper funds to cover tuition. After struggling with financial aid and administration for two years I realized I had to make a change, not only financially but within myself as well. I've since joined the military and it has simply made me more disciplined and a all around better person.

I offer this course because many people I've trained with weren't as diligent in ensuring that they made the best decision, and could have been in a better job and had more benefits had they did a little more research.

I know first hand what it's like to join the Army as new soldier and I want to help other's be informed so they can be satisfied and have a great career!

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