Jodie Garrett

Discovering learning and sharing. (Punctuate as desired).

Jodie has been a teacher in one guise or another for twenty years. Her subject areas include English Literature, Media Studies, Drama and English as a Second Language. She has taught International Baccalaureate, IGCSE and NCEA to students who have gone on to study at universities all around the world.

Having a child with ASD has allowed Jodie to study and understand more about the different ways we learn, and this has led to her interest in providing practical support to students whose own courses may be focused on only one learning style.

Studying Literature is not any more difficult than learning to drive a car. There is a difference in style between driving a Lamborghini and a Lada, but they will both get you to where you want to go - as long as you use the same strategies and practise them.