Jodie Foster

Founder of WiGGi

With a career in the learning and development industry spanning 7 years. Jodie took the leap to create WiGGi, when she discovered what it really took to live a life you love, become the happiest person you can be and get everything you have always wanted.

What does it take?

Friendship.....the secret magic ingredient to having a life you truly love and the one relationship we all need in our lives to thrive.

Real friendship starts with yourself and getting yourself to a place where you are your own Best Friend and treat yourself exceptionally well. One area Jodie has dedicated her life to helping people reach for the past 5 years.

Working with Jodie feels like you are in the company of a great friend. She is open, honest and delivers her experiences in a heart felt, genuine, friendly and straight to the point tone, making it easy to apply her tools and life changing strategies practically into your everyday life.