JoAnne V. Linsell

Executive Director, Career Development Solutions, NFP

JoAnne Linsell has been navigating the world of corporate operations and career development for over a decade.

As Project Manager and Director of Project Operations for infiNET Solutions, she not only served as the first point of customer contact but created and documented project management standards and led a staff of thirty employees. Her work with PeopleFilter Technology, LLC gave her deep knowledge of applicant tracking issues—and what employers look for when seeking to fill corporate positions. And her positions as an analyst and Client Services Consultant at Kenexa, Sears, and IBM have enhanced and confirmed her talent for identifying key issues and needs for people and
companies and finding the best solutions to those needs.

But it is her deep and long-held interest in spirituality that sets JoAnne apart and allows her to take a whole-person approach to career coaching. With an M.A. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, she is able to draw on the insights handed down through the ages to address the personal challenges of the here-and-now.

There’s a word for the “special something” that she brings to her coaching practice.

It’s called wisdom