Joanne Kaminski

Online Tutor Business Coach, Reading tutor, Speaker, Author

I started teaching in an inner city school in Milwaukee, WI. It was a brand new charter school and I rose up quickly in the organization. After two years of teaching 3rd grade I was asked to train our reading program to teachers around the country. The following year I was promoted to not only teach the teachers, but teach the trainers. That year I also was asked to become the reading curriculum coordinator for my school. I went back to school and got my masters to become a reading specialist.

After staying in this position for 5 years, I became frustrated because there was a 50% turnover rate in our school and I always felt like I was starting over at ground zero. I switched schools, but the politics there were extremely frustrating. I ended up getting sick and left my teaching position. I had no idea how I was going to make a living and take care of my health. I started 5 online businesses, but failed at every single one of them. Then, I had an idea to create my own online tutoring business where I taught struggling readers how to read. I felt like I was getting reconnected with my passion and this was the start of my success. I utilized all of the information I had learned from the other business startups I had tried and my business began to boom.

I tapped into online and offline marketing strategies and within 2 years had a fully booked online tutoring business. I have a passion for teaching teachers how to start their online tutoring business because I remember how frustrated I was in the beginning. There was so much to learn. While I understood how to teach, I had no previous experience of selling my services. I began to fall in love with the process and realized that many teachers could skip the pain that I had to go through if I shared the secrets to my success.

Today I not only continue to have a fully booked online tutoring business where I work with kids from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and all over the US, but I also help aspiring online tutors skip the hassle and frustration of learning marketing techniques to build their online tutoring business. Students who have taken my courses are getting many new clients. In fact, Laura Kulp, one student in my course focused on developing her online presence, getting organized using my systems, and getting her name out there in her community. She now has 9 students and makes over $1200 a month putting in less time than when she was before.

The results speak for themselves. If you want to create a fully booked online tutoring business, then check out my courses and learn the tricks that truly get results from a person that is in the business of online tutoring.

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