Joanne Hagemeyer

Bible Teacher

Teaching the Bible to change lives, Joanne led and taught a Bible class of 350-500 students from 2003 to 2013. She currently serves as an advisor and mentor to eight area Bible classes with an international Bible study. But her great love for the Bible began as a child, watching the men in synagogue pray the words of scripture, murmuring and weeping, lovingly touching and kissing the Torah.

When she received her own Bible at church in 1970, she read the whole book, from preface to concordance, with transcendent joy, knowing these were the very words of God. Since then, Joanne has taught Bible in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Retreats, Studies, and more. 

Also a long-time "armchair archaeologist," Joanne joined the Board of Directors for the Biblical Archaeology Forum in 2013.

Another passion for Joanne is the healing work of counseling, and currently serves as a lay counselor in affiliation with The Lay Counselor Institute since 2012.

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