Janis Ahn

UX & UI Design Consultant

With more than 5 years of experience as a designer, Janis is also a passionate advocate for conversations within the design community and sharing knowledge.

That's why she is excited to join the udemy's vast community and share her passion for creating pixel perfect mobile design and app design to the many students and learners eager to improve their skills and explore new territory. Her goals include bridging the gap between non-designers and designers while sharing insights from her individual experiences in the design industry.

She has had a width breadth of experience at various startups, large companies and currently works as a freelance designer. She also has a background in fine arts and design communication and is always intrigued by new technology, as well as how that technology can be applied to build a better world.

Her curiosity in the creative field and prior experience in the design industry drives her to pursue pixel perfect design and develop better design practices to share with others.

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