JJ van Zon

Spiritual Mentor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer

JJ van Zon is an international spiritual mentor, coach and expert on effective decision-making. With 20 years experience as a professional dancer and a yoga & meditation mentor, he is a cutting-edge leader in body, mind & soul awareness.

His talent to empower and influence was quickly spotted by an international coffee brand, which he helped to generate over a million dollars in sales.

JJ has since developed multiple yoga & meditation programs to help you shake off uncertainty and embrace your full potential. 

"You can do anything your heart desires, you just have to believe it." 

His warm and theatrical, teaching style, instills clarity and the confidence to overcome any limiting beliefs that hold you back. And he'll show you strategies to creating that magnetic energy that manifests abundance. 

JJ organises retreats in South Africa and Italy. He's an author and an ambassador of love. "Stop acting out of fear, start living from love." He'll care for you and you'll feel welcome, safe and open to discover yourself completely. 


You give so much of yourself and I truly believe when your hands are open from giving, you're open to receive. And you just portray that the whole time ” - Renate Jute

"JJ is a soul energy. He brings with him such a nurturing, caring and supporting energy. His meditations and yoga-exercises every morning have been enlightening and uplifting and certainly helped me to settle the energy, focus for the day and create the right atmosphere to learn.” - Lesley Ramsden Callow

"I love this meditation JJ....great start to my day. Thank you!" - Yolande Olhaus Sluiter

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