Jimmy Slagle

Nationally Recognized Option Trader | #1 Best Selling Author

They Call Jimmy Slagle the “Dart-Throw Trader". His unique investment and trading strategies get consistent and predictable results. That's the reason he closed his investment advisory and wealth management practice and formed Dart Throw Trading. The company provides investor coaching and trading education for investors and traders who want to ultimately get “free" of the outdated conventional “Wall Street" wisdom.

Dart Throw Trading, the company's core investment training, has revolutionized the investment-education arena. With its combination of audio, visual, and written materials, Dart-Throw allows students to learn in the way that suits them best. The program content leverages over 20 years of Jimmy's successes and early struggles to build his own strategic investment program.

Dart Throw training sessions fill up quickly because of the outstanding results achieved by investors and traders at all levels – from college-aged beginners to multi-account managing veterans. Many of the program's graduates are now money managers and trading coaches in their own right.

Although Jimmy Slagle is the driving force behind Dart Throw Trading, the company has expanded to include multiple volunteers, advocates, and independent contractors who now work with Jimmy to develop products and services that expand the reach of Jimmy's teachings. Jimmy's teaching has impacted the lives of over 100,000 investors in the last 20 years.

Dart Throw Trading has fueled its extraordinary growth by teaching proven trading skills. Not only does this create strong relationships with potential investors and traders, but encourages feedback as well. The company uses the feedback to quickly create relevant programs and services that address struggles and provide solutions for beginning to advanced investors and traders.

Courses that Jimmy Slagle is enrolled in