Jim Floyd, M.Ed.

Udemy Premium Instructor

My passion is helping others learn and improve their lives!

Why? Because teachers gave up on me in the past.

When the teaching methodologies did not match my learning style, I began losing interest and motivation in the formal educational process and became another high school drop-out statistic at age 16 after my math teacher (and head of the school computer club) informed me that I was "too stupid to ever learn how to use a computer" when I asked to join the club.

But I knew differently. I knew that I was smart. So, being naturally interested in a variety of subjects, and a voracious reader, I continued to learn on my own terms and gradually realized that my core purpose in life would be to help other people learn.

Determined to fulfill my purpose, I earned my General Equivalency Diploma and sought out higher education and training programs, including earning a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Visual Communication, and becoming a Certified Training Consultant, that both allowed me to learn in ways that resonated with my own learning style, and enabled me to effectively transfer knowledge to others based on the way they learn best.

Now possessing over 30 years of adult education and training experience as a facilitator of learning, instructional designer/technologist, and consultant, I have spent thousands of hours in classrooms and other settings helping people gain knowledge; designed numerous courses, webinars, & workshops; and have presented at the local, state and national level.

You can do it! And I would be honored to help you achieve your learning objectives!

Oh, and I also learned how to use a computer. :-)