Jia Sen

Artist and Designer

I am an enthusiastic artist and a graphic designer.

After graduating with My Bachelor's degree I worked as programmer in an MNC. Also I have obtained my Business Professional Programmer certificate and Foundation Certificate in Software Testing from Information System Examinations Board (ISEB). After that I went for higher study and acquired my Master's degree in Economics. Upon graduation from the university I joined a management collage as faculty. But finally I started pursuing my true passion- Art and Design.

I have ten years of experience in the field of art and four years of experience in freelancing as a digital artist and graphic designer.

I work with pencil sketches, pastel, water color, acrylic and oil paint as my main medium. I love to experiment with my work and I often use mixed media.

As for digital art, my main tool is photoshop. Other than photoshop I use paint tool SAI, gimp,Adobe illustrator (for vector graphics) etc.

My freelance works involve book cover, story illustration, logo design, card design, concept art, character and environment designs, concept design for advertisements, website layout design etc. Please visit my site for my professional and personal work examples.

What I believe is,"I am extremely passionate about art and design. I not only myself want to work in this field but I also want to educate others and encourage to pursue this area. I am in the process of making my own brand of art,design and schooling. My goal is to become an art-entrepreneur and inspire others like me."

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