Jevon Scudamore

Digital Trainer

Hi I’m Jevon and I’ve been learning and using web design tools for 6 years.

I began learning web design because I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t have the money to pay for my own website so I learned how to do it myself.

Since starting, I’ve seen a revolution occur in the industry which now means that anybody with basic computer skills can build and manage their own website.

I personally think this is an amazing development because running your own website & business can be the key to a better lifestyle for you and your family which is why I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned so much.

The reason you should learn from me is that so much of what I've learnt about the web (see below) was irrelevant or more advanced than what I needed to get started up.

My progress would of been quicker if I had somebody to show me ONLY the stuff I needed to get started then - when I reached the next stage - gave me the more advanced or supplementary knowledge.

All this extra learning which is added to courses to 'build value' only makes you overwhelmed and risks putting you off learning a very important life skill.

Lots of courses boast about how long* they are, but I think that is a problem not a bonus.

(*My WordPress course is about an hour long - that's all you need to learn, the rest is in the doing of it.)

Yes you get more 'so-called' value for money for the actual course, but when you're already busy, there aren't enough hours in the day to complete the course in good time so it becomes something else that gets put on the shelf - what value is that?

I teach you what you need to get started, then when you get to that point you can come back for some more if you want or need it but to be honest you can do 80% of what you need to do on the web with only 20% of the knowledge.

That is my experience with WordPress and Adobe Illustrator anyway.

My goal is to teach you that 20%.

If you're interested here's a little bio - NOTE: You haven't got the time to read it - so just get to the course already.

The Web 2.0 revolution came just after I finished Uni so back then I really only used computers to write up coursework and play Warcraft and Championship Manager.

6 I knew I had to get to grips with the web so began learning and practising all general aspects of the web.

I began learning HTML and CSS, then migrated to using WordPress.

For marketing I have also spent a lot of time creating screencasts (which my training videos are an example of) as many sources claim that video is the most effective form of marketing - especially when backed up with basic lead generation and sales funnel techniques (like lead magnets and email marketing).

After spending hundreds of hours on sites like Themeforest I realised that what makes a website look good is not actually the code (which can be very basic) but it's the images, and icons.

So I've recently been concentrating on improving my design skills to enhance everything else I do using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I've been in my own little world learning all this 'stuff' for long enough now so it's time to share what I know.

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