Yiran Zhou

Web Developer, Entrepreneur

I have been on Flippa for years. After tones of mistakes I have made, I started to make a lot of money. Then i realize it will be a good idea to teach people how to get started with Flippa based on my own experiences. Since i started from 0, I know exactly what people want to know to get started with Flippa and web trading business.

Other than website, I design ISO apps as well. The more time i spend in website trading business and apps, the more passion I have towards them. My goals here is to spread out my passion as much as possible and help people to gain as much as satisfaction from doing what I am doing.

They used to be my part time job, now i decided to push them little forward and make it full time.

My teaching style is straight to the topic, I don't like to include thing such as why is it so hard, why is it so important etc for like 6 minutes of the lecture. Effectiveness is the best part of my teaching. You will not waste any minutes in my course by listening to my "chit-chat".

Feel free to contact me with any questions :)