Jessica R. Dreistadt

Writer, Educator, and Activist

Jessica R. Dreistadt is a creative and visionary leader, educator, and writer who is actively creating a more compassionate, just, sustainable, harmonious, joyous, and beautiful planet. She is the founding director of The Fruition Coalition and has worked toward creating positive, sustainable change in organizations and systems by connecting people, resources, and ideas for over 15 years. Jessica has a master's degrees in sociology from Lehigh University and in nonprofit management from Eastern University. Jessica has been a teacher for over 20 years and has taught in the business department of DeSales University since 2008. She is the author of ten books about leadership, wellness, and social change. In addition to blogging for Huffington Post, Jessica also inspires and provokes unique ideas through two blogs: The Activist's Muse and Whole Happy and Healthy.

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