Jessica J

Dating & Relationship Coach and Playboy Radio Host

Jessica J, the founder of Level Up Seduction, is a globally recognized sex, dating, and relationship coach. Over the past 5+ years, Jessica J has taught thousands of students in over 10+ countries and online as well as having been credited with countless relationships and marriages.

She was featured on Nightline as one of "America's Most Desirable Daters" (from having the most viewed and messaged online dating profile in Los Angeles) and helps men from all over the world achieve the same self-generating success with their online dating game.

Jessica's clients include multimillionaires, esteemed business owners, tech geeks, programmers, finance guys and young college students.

Jessica’s unique approach originates from her time training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, during which she developed and enhanced her skills with Emotion Focused Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. She eventually tied the techniques used in both theories to develop a systematic, results-based practice in helping men achieve the dating lives they ultimately want.

By taking this uniquely structured approach, Jessica is able to bring out her clients' greatest strengths to help them make continuous progress and growth in achieving their goals, overcoming their fears, and get who and what they want when it comes to love, sex, and women.

Jessica is most proud of taking the "Your Wish Is My Command Stance" in being of service to her clients. She encourages her clients to look at her as someone who works for them, as opposed to a teacher, authority, or person of one-up position.

Outside of teaching, Jessica is the resident Dating Expert on Playboy Radio's "The Couch," where she assists men in understanding and moving past their sex and dating dilemmas.

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