Jesse Wong

Dance Instructor

Hi! My name is Jesse. I also go by my dancer name Ki'une.  I've been teaching men how to dance for a long time, so I've seen it all: Guys who feel they have no rhythm, guys trying to impress their fiance's at their weddings, guys who shy or uncomfortable on the dance floor, and so on.  You name it, I've tackled it.  

What my students like most about what I teach is just how simple I break things down.  I don't mind repetition or teaching something that others might seems ridiculously simple.  I myself am a lifelong learner - I'm constantly challenging myself - so I totally understand what it's like to be new to something.

I love to dance, and considering how long our lives are, I firmly believe it's an essential skill that just makes life sweeter.  It's an amazing social tool, whether it be to make new friends in a friendly battle or to attract a woman.  I've taken my dancing all around the world, vlog about it, and I'm here to share my dance knowledge with you!

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