U-Coach Jess Lee

Over 36 years of experience in Logistics sector with in depth coverage at the different phases of the logistic chain.

Begin career with basic operation advancing to sales & marketing before embarking on special project management.  A career of in-depth journey covering 5Ps with People as the foundation to begin with both within and beyond organization.

People is the most Valuable Asset in logistic business thus fostering good teamwork dynamic at all level of involvement is the key to a seamless execution and satisfactory services delivery.

Invest training in people is the building of a good foundation that allows people to participate with progressive contribution that benefits both individual and organization.

On the Job Training (OJT) and Coaching not only enhance efficiency and productivity outcome but empower individual to embark on progressive career path.

Besides Singapore, OJT and Coaching model has also been successfully applied in region the namely Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam (2005-2016) for Special Heavy cargo logistics management.

Operation and Management skills that address Internal and External Stakeholder gaps through Scenario base training prepares operational and sales staff to analysis with common objective in staying ahead with “To begin with End in Mind”.

To be in forward mind set in order to be prepared to manage unforeseen challenges or even crisis confrontation.

Leveraging on technology to address weakness do  achieve greater competence with people or organization.    Technology has evolved specialization that has its weakness in the people dynamic since it narrows the scope of individual thus hindering the ability to see  the big picture beyond the specialization.

Understanding the relationship of above considerations with case scenario in facilitating the first correct step with end in mind, established approaches with People, leveraging on team dynamic that is crucial in  project and conflict management.

 Proactive Approach:  What If ?

Predictable is Preventable or  Manageable with the Preparation”  

Participative Approach: What If ?

 There is no one solution that fits all situation but opt for the best at that point of time.”

Paradigm shift is crucial in the journey as going beyond comfortable scope in deriving new range allows new prospective to roots cause in crafting alternative solution. 

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