Krank Systems

Your Complete Fat Loss and Nutrition Guidence

Pete Isip (Founder of Krank Systems) began training himself for the purpose of disposing the “fat kid” syndrome. Being an overweight child and teenager was tough; dealing with ridicule, mockery, and poor athletic performance. Realizing that being 5 feet and 225 lbs and wrestling as a heavyweight was not the way to be. Pete became determined to lose the weight and reach his fitness goals. He is now the owner and head trainer of Krank Systems, with several locations in the North East, which focuses on personal training, group training, fat loss boot camps, health and nutrition, and the recent addition – at-home training!

Pete holds a BS from Montclair State University in Human Ecology and Nutrition and holds multiple certifications including National Strength and Condition, Underground Strength Coach, Kettlebell Concepts, USA Weightlifting, International Youth Conditioning, and many more!

Pete recently resigned as wrestling coach for Belleville High School and the Director of the Youth Wrestling Program for the town to focus on health and fitness for others. He holds multiple championships and placements in drug-tested “natural “bodybuilding competitions and was additionally featured on ESPN2 and Natural Muscle Magazine.

“I love to help people reach their fitness as well as their life goals. I believe everyone has the potential to be the best. That is as long as they believe in themselves as much as I do. We can do this together. We are powerful beyond measure.”