Jerome Etienne


My name is Jerome Etienne.

I'm a off-beat developer and a creator. I am also CTO of a video game company which is actually engaged in developing a 3D social network online.

I keep a blog called "learning three.js" to teach other developers about my passion for creating 3D demos and mini-games. Feel free and welcome to visit my blog at You can take a look and comment my posts and demos.

I have worked as a Technology Consultant, a Project Manager and a Product Designer in Web developing companies in France and North America. I have a lot of experience working in and developing technologies like javascript, node.js, webgl and html5 in general. I love to share my ever increasing excitement for modern web technology. I dedicate my time to improving my skills through creativity, curiosity and team working. I like to teach motivated people who are willing to learn something new or something that they always dreamed of knowing.

I have teached in 3D Games and Multimedia Schools in Paris. As an independent game developer I have created many 3D mini-games on the web (MarbleSoccer, PacMaze, Pong, Stellar 7, Flying Spaceship.) I am real proud of my three x extensions

I have participated and presented my creations in many conferences worldwide (DevFest, On Game Start, Mozilla Fest London, WebGl camp at Google London, HTML5 Game Jam.) You can see some videos of my talks on youtube

I have also organize local events promoting js, webgl and gamedev (Paris.Js, Three.js g + hangout, Demo.Js)

I was rated eighth in github, here is the link to my site I like to constantly publish issues that I will develop in my online teaching. I have 2000 followers on Twitter and 2600 followers on Google plus For further information you can always take a look at my homepage at