Dr. Jeremy Weisz

Founder of InspiredInsider

Founder of InspiredInsider:

I interview successful and inspirational Entrepreneurs and how they overcome Big Challenges in life and business. Some of the entrepreneurs I have interviewed include the creator of P90X, Founder of Baby Einstein, Founder of SkyMall, Founder of NBA's Orlando Magic, and many more

I am a Multi passionate and some of my other experience is diverse and includes:

Mixergy Producer:
I speak with founders and CEO’s before they are featured on Mixergy to help structure their interview. It is an absolute joy working with Andrew Warner and team.
Past founders who have been on the site include the founders of Wikipedia, Groupon, LivingSocial, Linkedin, Gary V, Barbara Corcoran from Sharktank, and over 900 others.

Founder of Chiropracticjobfinder :
I founded and run a chiropractic classifieds website to help people in the profession find and fill jobs. It is like a craigslist for Chiropractors

Founder of Chiropractical Solutions:
I own and operate a Chiropractic and Massage facility. I have wanted to be a Chiropractor since high school from the time I saw my father suffer with neck pain and radiating arm pain. The only thing that helped him was the Chiropractor.

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