Jeremy Sandow

Marketing Expert, Coach, Writer, Podcast Host

**Featured in Huffington Post, Fast Company, Omaha Sun Times**

As a marketing and sales consultant for small businesses across the U.S. I've seen first hand the difficulties small business owners have with properly and effectively marketing and selling their products and services. I've been sent in to businesses that were days away from closing their doors, businesses losing thousands and thousands of dollars each month simply because they weren't marketing the right services to the right people and had no clue how to close a sale. I've used the tactics I've acquired over the years to help pull these businesses out of the gutter and into massive profitability. It's been a very rewarding career, and now I am shifting more of my focus to teaching other coaches, consultants and service professionals these tactics directly, so they can skip the struggle and go straight to extreme profits. You can find my work in the Huffington Post, on my blog, and all of my best strategies in my current and upcoming Udemy courses!

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