Jeremy Jones

Marketing Coach

About Me:

Growing up in the Southern California I remember resting my head on the window sill and wondering what the world looked like out of this small town...I wanted to travel and see the world. This constant curiosity of “what’s on the other side” drove me to start traveling at an early age.

I even started out as an entrepreneur at the early age of about 11 years old when I could draw pictures for kids in my class for a few bucks. Today, although now I'm in my 30's with two kids and a beautiful and lovely wife, we're involved in our church and I feel blessed to have so many great things and the technology to run a mobile business and make an impact on people all over.

Would you like to pack up and move to another city somewhere – without having to worry about money or being tied to a location? Then you’re in the right place.

When I turned 18 I joined the United States Navy. That was the only realistic option for me at the time to get money to go to college and to get some traveling in while I was still young. I did get to travel a lot being stationed on an aircraft carrier...and enjoyed meeting all kinds of interesting people.

After I got out of the Navy I got my Bachelor of Arts degree, started doing freelance work and and quickly learned I need to have created a system for myself that drives more than 80% of my income with only 20% of my time and effort, all flowing in passively and completely on autopilot. All while staying absolutely true to what my calling is here on this planet.

Do you want to learn how to be about your purpose and automate the process so you can generate passive income? Then you’re in the right place. B

efore you hit the “take this course” button, let me assure you that my journey was not a cake walk and it did not happen overnight. I consider myself more of a creative thinker and found a simple process of marketing that I’ve helped many of my other clients with that struggled to land new clients in a simple way.

While some people are chasing customers, and chasing after money with the illusion that it’s the only way, I hope you are here because you are looking for leverage and a tool to bring forth your own magnificence to a world that is hungry to hear your wisdom, no matter what industry you’re in. Only when you live with purpose and know why you do what you do is when you find true happiness and success. And money then becomes a bi-product and paradoxically there will always be enough to help get you what you need to get to the next plateau in your life.

I look forward to helping you define what you do best and leverage the rest, find your voice, define your message, share your wisdom.

Summary: Joined US Navy 1998

Attended E-Core School, Chicago 1999

Assigned to Bremmerton, Washington on USS Carl Vinson

Traveled completely around the globe for the first time Visited Dubai, Singapore, Perth Australia, Hobart Australia, Hawaii, Victoria Canada, etc.

Honorable discharge from Navy 2002

Moved to Phoenix, Arizona

Graduated from Art Institute of Phoenix 2005

Met my wife Claudia

Started my marketing and coaching business

2008 Married in Sedona, AZ

2009 My son was born 2012 Moved to Paradise Valley

2012 Started my iTunes Podcast

2013 Had friend and best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk, interviewed on my podcast 2013 Had friend and best selling author Bob Burg, interviewed on my podcast

2014 Started working with Joe Polish and Genius Network

I’m a huge believer in saying something once, recording it and making it available to people for years to come. My motto is: “Say it once, Set it, Forget it.”

Fund Raising: I love micro-entrepreneurship and believe that it is the way to go for most people in today’s world. Myself and a group of other entrepreneurs put a team together and I was recognized as a fundraising team leader for Southwest Human Development and Easter Seals.

Global Communities: I lead my own private, global professional and business community of 3400+ members and build a community of blog readers and Google Plus followers of over 8000 people.


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APE - Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

John Maxwell

Born to win


Hundreds more….

Hopefully that gives you some insights into who I am and a bit about my background. I would appreciate any comments and feedback on my course because I want to provide the best value to help you improve your results and streamline your efforts.

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