Tim McCann

Expert photography trainer

Our Course Director Tim McCann has written for some of the most recognised photography magazines in the UK including Digital SLR User, HD SLR Moviemaker, Practical Photography, Advanced Photographer, Digital Photography Made Easy, Digital Photographer, Digital Camera Buyer, Digital Photo Techniques, Photo Professional and many more.

Tim has also been Editor of the best selling photography magazine in the UK, Digital Photography Made Easy. He has previously edited these best-selling news-stand magazines:

Digital Photography Made Easy (Highbury House)

Digital SLR User (Bright Publishing)

MacPower (Paragon Publishing)

WebMaster (Paragon Publishing)

Internet Today (Paragon Publishing)

Internet Access Made Easy (Paragon Publishing)

What's Online (Paragon Publishing)

The Net (Haymarket Publishing)

Internet Made Easy (Highbury House)

Essential Home Cinema (Highbury House)

Digital Music Maker (Highbury House)

Photography books (Future Publishing, Highbury House and Paragon Publishing)

PC Home (Highbury House)

As well as being a prolific photography writer, Tim has also produced supplements and articles for some of the largest photography companies in the world including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Jessops, PC World and Fujifilm.

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