Jennifer Woodard

Marketing Consultant

am the owner of Wordzopolis Marketing specializing in helping solo and small to medium sized businesses, professional service firms and sales professionals create plans that build awareness, generate leads, nurture leads, retain clients and generate referrals using traditional marketing combined with blogging as the foundation of their online marketing activities while integrating content, email, inbound and social media marketing.

I help you create a process to help you define your target market, how to reach your market, acquire leads, follow up with leads and build a relationship, convert leads into clients, continue to nurture those clients and turn them into referrals.

I work with solopreneurs smal to mediums sized businesses, professional service firms and sales professionals that are looking to improve their marketing process and reap greater rewards. I will help you create and plan that is tailored around the marketing activities that you enjoy, that is easy to implement and takes a small amount of time to maintain once the process is created, implemented and measure. My process is for firms that are handling the marketing themselves but need guidance to create a better process.

While I work with soloreneurs, small firms and sales professionals from many industries when we are a good fit for one another. I love all of my clients no matter the industry. I work with people not industries and my goal is to help you market successfully and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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