Jennifer Syme

Writer, Massage Therapist, Guitarist, Doodler,

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm a writer, massage therapist and creativity coach, based in Scotland, U.K. I am the author of 'Freeing Your Inner Creativity", and also a registered Massage Therapist.

I got here by studying English, Psychology, Environmental Studies, and
then working in IT for 9 years, so a bit of a long way round. But here I am!

Now, my focus is on well-being, writing and creativity in general. The aim of my
book(s) and courses is to support people in their quest to get more creativity in their lives, improving their happiness and well being along the way. Whether that is by  - Writing, drawing, cooking, knitting….whatever gives them that creative buzz!

I currently divide my time between writing fiction and working in my massage practice and in between I play guitar, doodle/draw and whatever else I find to inspire my creative flow.

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