Jennifer Sanford

Relationship Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Jennifer Sanford is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and a respected business coach. She specializes in finding one's happiness and peace whether it be within the life of the individual, within a relationship or within a family.

Jennifer’s nature is one of compassion. She is skillful and empathic when working with individuals. Jennifer believes that individuals and couples already have the answers, but not always the permission or road maps, to change or to discover new ways of being. Her deep passion stems from her belief that within all people rests the innate ability to heal.

Her therapeutic views have been influenced by teachings of Western therapists and have been inspired by the contemplative, mindfulness-based approaches of the East.

Additionally, she is a public speaker and the Founder and CEO of Life Path which is a holistic health business offering Relationship Programs and Individual Growth and Discovery Programs.

Jennifer has been coaching people for almost fifteen years in both their business and personal lives. Her experience and training allows her the insight necessary to help teach and facilitate real change within individuals and couples' lives.

She is an expert when it comes to helping couples form a deeper connection and discover an abundance of happiness within their relationship.

Her leadership and educational courses have taught many couple's the tools and ingredients necessary to live in healthy and happy relationships.

She invites everyone to start the journey today: Be SEEN, Be HEARD and Be LOVED.

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