Jenn O'Brien

Career Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Jenn O'Brien is Career Coach, Trainer and Small Business Consultant with over 14 years in Management, Training, Higher Education Advising, and Human Resources. Her company, JennOJobs, provides training and assessment-based consulting services to job seekers and employers alike.

Jenn holds dual degrees in Psychology and Communication Arts as well as a Master of Science degree in Psychology with a concentration in Media Psychology. She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR),Certified Diversity Recruiter, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst as well as a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst. With these certifications, she is able to administer and interpret DISC assessments with clients to give them greater insight on their career choices as well as workplace behaviors and motivators.

Her focus is helping her students find careers that they will find to be meaningful and fulfilling. For employers, Jenn's focus is to help them find the best talent through assessment-based recruiting techniques in order to improve retention.

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