Jennifer England

English Fluency Specialist

A pattern thinker, Jennifer taught herself two languages as an adult. After many years of teaching English as a Foreign Language, Jennifer founded English Laboratory in 2008. English Laboratory, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the continued investigation, research of and trial and error experimentation with learning processes and communication. It counts on the input from a wide range of professionals including ESL/EFL specialists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, computer scientists and graphic artists to produce effective systems and supports. Learners participate in a skill-acquiring experience that turns errors into knowledge and uncertainty into opportunity.

The out-of-the-box thinking that is at English Laboratory’s epicentre has provided uncountable solutions within both public education systems and the private sector.

She is a proud member of Radical English, a group of experienced, professional EFL/ESL teachers based in Canada, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, the UK and the USA. They publish, give webinars, do podcasts and livecasts, talk at conferences and seminars, teach students and clients, and train teachers on unique approaches to teaching and learning English. Each of them has an area of expertise that they actively pursue, one that is radical in nature and a departure from the traditional.

After living in big cities all her life, Jennifer moved to the country where her four kids could be free to play outdoors. In her spare time she makes preserves from the bounty her husband’s organic vegetable garden produces.