Jeffrey Truitt

Marketing Expert

I have been self employed since 1980. My first real venture was opening a jewelry manufacturing and design business which I ran until 2004. As with many small business ventures it started small and grew slowly over the years. I learned a lot about marketing and promotion selling my line of platinum rings. Later in 1995 I became involved in internet marketing. The internet changed they way I did business in 1995 and is still the backbone of my marketing focus today.

In 2004 I made the decision to leave jewelry manufacturing because the economic downturn caused by September 11, 2001 was more than I could overcome. I gave it all I had and fell short.

During that same year I began my photography business. Having done all the photography of my designs for catalogues and web sites I felt it was a business I could expand and I still earn much of my income from it today.

I also learned not to rely on a single source of income so in addition to photography I provide full marketing services for clients as well as use my know how to publish books and market other products online.

I started giving classes in my area about marketing, video, branding and publishing which have been well received. Having received feedback at those classes I felt it was time to expand this area using the Udemy platform.

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