Jeff Toomey

Technology Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur who is very passionate about technology. Some of my favorite technology related companies are: Apple, Google, and Facebook. The company I started while in college is Speak Toomey LLC. Speak Toomey is a social media management company that manages small business's social networks, to help promote their company and interact with their customers. We also offer personal one-to-one training and consulting on technology products and services. We focus helping customers setup a "Google Apps for Business" account, to help make their small business more professional. I used to work for Apple, Inc before I started my company. At Apple, I learned the skills about their iPhone, iPads, and Macs and how to troubleshoot any issues that might come up. Taking all of those skills into account, that is how I started my business. Now, since having a film degree from college, I am putting all my current skills to work, with making training videos on technology, to help my clients, future clients, and students learn better about technology and the best ways to utilize the tools that are out there. Focusing on Google services, Apple services, and other technology site and tools that can help people be successful.

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