Jeffrey Johnson

English Department Chair at Northwest Christian School

My name is Jeff Johnson and I teach sophomore English at Northwest Christian School. I received my BA in Secondary Education from Arizona State University in 2007. Though I have enjoyed teaching these past five years, I have been anxiously waiting to formally return to a university. I enjoy class discussions where worldviews, philosophies, and perspectives coalesce into dynamic thought.  

Upon graduation, my wife Jess and I moved to Seattle, Washington and I had the privilege of staring my career at Seattle Christian School. I was young, 22 at the time, and teaching senior English. Though some of my students were only 3 years my junior, I fondly remember those years as some of my favorite years in the profession. In 2009, my wife and I moved back to Phoenix and I have been teaching at NCS ever since. I have been a part of a very supportive faculty that have not only allowed me to hone my craft but realize some of my dreams and passions within the institution itself. At this point I do not plan on leaving the profession, but hope to stay relevant as teaching is undoubtedly changing. 

When I am not teaching I spend my time gardening, playing guitar, writing punk rock music and slam poetry, designing lesson plans (to sell on teachers pay teachers), and dating my beautiful and intelligent  wife. Hamlet is my favorite play and last summer I was so lucky as to see it performed at the Globe Theatre (although, my wife and I had to sneak in as it was sold-out months in advance). Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a close second when it comes to favorite literature. My wife and I do not have kids, but we have dogs if that counts for anything.