Jeff Campbell

Entrepreneur, Part Time Airbnb Host, Life-Long Learner

I'm an entrepreneur and life-long learner; now I travel the world, immersing myself in new cultures and gaining fresh insights at every opportunity. Before I was an engineer turned product manager designing and then selling robotics for a 6 billion-dollar-a-year Fortune 500 company.

I'm working on a variety of entrepreneurial projects, and funding them by renting out a property on Airbnb, in my spare time. I've received quite a few questions about how I manage to pull in an income on Airbnb, in just a few hours a week, so I decided to put my learning into a course here on Udemy.

I'm passionate about personal development, lifestyle design, efficiency/productivity, marketing and travel. I've traveled to over 30 countries (so far - many to go!) and I've taught hundreds of executives and sales staff how to market and sell their products. I also am a budding bicycling enthusiast!

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