Jeff Smith

Udemy Instructor

Jeff has successfully run and grown a number of not profits including Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development agencies and privately owned Social Enterprise organisations

He has been able to take some of the experience picked up in these roles to assist and help people in growing and creating profitable enterprises,businesses and organisations

Jeff has been a Mentor with Business Mentors for 13 years and belongs to a number of not for profit service organisations preferring to get involved in the leadership of these.

Jeff Smith runs BOOST Business which helps Businesses market & organise themselves and also runs which builds websites with business, not technology, in mind.

In his course Be Nice and Grow Famous Jeff has used personal experience and his skills in business to provide an easy to read, down to earth manual to enable people to grow businesses and projects that help others.

Jeff is also using this course to fuel his help a million campaign. In Jeff's own words:

"Well.... at the tender young age of 50 I have only just discovered that my first mission in life was to actually discover what my mission in life is! Why it took so long I don't know. As I've left it so late I now need to achieve a lot in a limited amount of time. So my mission in life is to leave the planet better than I found it (clichéd I know) but the specific way I want to do that is to help one million people significantly

Courses that Jeff Smith is enrolled in