Jeff Staebell

The Reluctant Gigger

I have had a great passion for Metrics & Reporting and Excel Power User for the past 18 years winning many awards and accolades for my Out of the Box methods of automation and design with Metrics & Reporting along with various tasks and procedures, many times reducing the assembly or working time by no less than 50% and often much more.  Around midyear of 2016 after my contract role came to an end, I inadvertently discovered that my experience had outpaced the market.  Using my analysis skills, I eventually concluded that I was now officially and firmly placed within The Gig Economy, or so I was told because I had no idea what this was.  Being an Info Junkie who has a fascination with everything, it didn’t take long for me to get up to speed on just what being a freelancing Gigger meant.  I now get to explore all of my other various passions of music, video, reading, writing, and teaching with the great potential of turning them into Income Generators.  The world is my oyster and my passions are its pearls.  This is actually a long standing dream that I never had any idea how to implement until this scenario forced me to address it.  It’s been a Challenging Path to get here but thanks to all those years of analysis I now jokingly refer to myself as The Reluctant Gigger with a redirected passion to be The Compassionate Voice of Gigging.

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