Jeet Samant

Passionate musician & master trainer.

Jeet is a solid guitar player with an experience over 20 years; Jeet is also a talented music composer and song-writer; signed to BMG USA via its direct Australian affiliate; 50/50 Global Music inc.; in 2015. Nevertheless , Jeet still clearly recalls his early years with Guitar and understands what it is like, to be a complete beginner. Nothing gives Jeet more fulfilment than shaping the complete beginners into musicians with strong guitar / music fundamentals, positive mindset and measurable results not only at Guitar Playing but also in Song-writing / Music Composition areas.

Here are some highlights of his career:

Completed training in Music Arranging from Berklee Online with professor Daniel Moretti; with positive feedback from Dan and the peer group.

Received a positive feedback on instrumental composition called "Arrival" from award-winning, Swedish songwriter and producer Arnthor Birgisson; during the Songwriter Summit in Sydney 2012

Received a positive feedback on vocal composition "Let it Go" from Berklee professor Pat Pattison. 

Performed an original instrumental composition Live in the HESS FEST; Chicago, IL, USA which received a very positive feedback from the peers and guitar experts in 2013. 

Composed a theme song called "Shosholoza Africa" for the Indian International Film Festival held in Johannesburg, South Africa. It received positive feedback from attending icons.

Composed a theme song "Jai Hai - Bring the Fire" for cricket which was further completed and recorded in collaboration with Melbourne based signed band; Saffron Groove; who presented the song to Cricket Australia. Invited by Cricket Australia and Saffron Groove to perform the song live at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

Performed at MCG in the presence of Australian and Indian international cricket teams in DEC 2014.

Composed and performed an Original Guitar Solo called "Energy Snippet #67" as an opening act for Bollywood's actor and rock vocalist Farhan Akhter; in the 'Farhan Akhtar Live' concert in 2015.

Currently, working on the release of solo album project.

Recently released a single which is available on iTunes and has won radio plays and interviews.