Jeannie Borich

Marketing Manager at Smokeball

I graduated Iowa State University in 2013 and since been working for tech startups in the Chicago area. I am deeply passionate about marketing, communications, digital media, and marketing strategy. I also firmly believe in the importance of continuing education as pat of career development which is why I have set out to create the Smokeball Certified Paralegal Program.

I currently work at Smokeball as their Marketing Manager and have been with the company for almost a year now. At Smokeball, I manage social media, events, content marketing, and building relationships and partnerships.

To build the Smokeball Certified Paralegal Program, I have worked together with our Head of Marketing and Communications, Chelsey Lambert, She has over 10 years of experience within the Legal Technology field and has taught about technology at conferences, bar associations, and in private training.

We have filled our course with valuable information, tools, tips, and downloadable sheets to help Paralegals increase their efficency and minimize frustrations with the programs they utlize most.