Jay Wong

International Keynote Speaker I High Performance Coach

Jay Wong is an international motivational speaker as well as a high performance coach. He specializes with working with young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and future change-makers to take action in their lives and crush their expectations of reality.

Wong is a life-long student of self-development, and graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. He believes that the world can be an even better place as long as people can change their limiting beliefs and conquer their fears of stepping out of the norm.

A couple years ago, Wong had the opportunity of working with Strategic Coach, a world class training and coaching firm designed for successful entrepreneurs. He had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of proven entrepreneurs from various industries ranging from technology, marketing, finance and medical. Through all this, he saw first-hand how almost all limitations can be broken and that all problems and issues, whether in business or personal can be solved through changing your mindset, attitude and perspective.

Inspired by his own clients, he decided to give-up his “downtown lifestyle" in the big city to pursue a quest of self-discovery and attempts to answer the question “What kind of impact do I want to create?"

Travelling all across the world, he lived in Shanghai for a period and now speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. Through the hardships of living overseas and language acquisition, he has discovered the beauty of the human mind and believes anyone can learn to master their own life.

He has rededicated his life to the improvement of mindset and lifestyle for young people in the 21st century. With his raw energy and charismatic stage presence, he is eager to share his story of “life's up and downs" with audiences across the world.

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