Dr Jay Spence

Clinical Psychologist and Director at ASPIRITA

We are a group of psychologists from Sydney, Australia with a range of experience and expertise. Collectively we write programs based on interventions that we have seen help our clients to grow and be happy in their lives.

The team is headed by Dr Jay Spence, licensed clinical psychologist who was the joint recipient of the Gold Prize at the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Awards (2010) and of the St Vincent’s Health Australia National Invention and Innovation Award (2010), recipient of the 2011 New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry Fellowship and the Centre for Emotional Health Student Prize. He has published several papers on the treatment of posttraumatic stress, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and transdiagnostic anxiety processes and a 2013 paper on EMDR was awarded the ‘Research of Special Significance‘ designation. View citations here.

He held a conjoint lecturer position at the University of New South Wales from 2009 – 2011, lecturing on the treatment of anxiety and depression and concurrently held an honorary associate position at the University of Sydney for providing clinical supervision to doctoral level psychology students.

He currently works in private practice in Sydney, Australia and conducts research with Macquarie University.