Born To Produce

Professional Electronic Music Producers and Tutors

Welcome, from Jay and Jon, co-founders of Born To Produce. 
Between us we have over 35 years experience of making and teaching electronic music production. Over that time we have had to overcome all of the problems and learn all of the skills necessary to produce music at a professional level. 
We have experimented with the best ways of passing on these skills to our students and now have the most streamlined process possible to get the skills that we know inside out, into your head so they can be used as and when they are needed.
Of course there is no substitution for putting the time in and experimenting your self. But with the right guidance and the right 'base' skills, you can shave years of the learning curve to becoming a professional music producer.
We are very friendly and like to chat to our students. We offer help and support for those who need it so if you have a question or a problem then please feel free to contact us here on Udemy. We will do our best to get back to you quickly :)

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