Jason Gregg

Behavioral scientist and author

A specialist in subconscious reeducation & training, Dr. Jason Gregg is an Australian national and resident of Asia who spent 20 years in the US. He is trained in psychology and completed a PhD in cognitive studies with an emphasis on adult learning under the UK Open University program.

He is a consultant in behavior modification, brainwave entrainment, REST therapy, biosynchronization research and application development for a long list of international organizations. He has built a career developing innovative products for self improvement and behavioral change. Author of the 'progolfiq' and 'feelgoodiq' suite of products, he also produced self-improvement mindware for Sanctum MindSpa, and developed the 'sales INtuition' marketing program. He is currently the Director of Research for the Dreamwater company, manufacturers of the Dream Pod floatation tank where he developed unique in-float sessions for enhancing human performance.

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