Jaroslav Dokoupil

Integral Learning Designer

Jaroslav Dokoupil is a leadership development expert, learning designer and trainer working at the intersection of sustainability, innovation and technology.

  • In-depth experience as a learning designer, facilitator, coach and consultant with senior/mid-management audiences. Worked in three consultancies with clients in Europe, Asia, US, Latin America and Africa.
  • Successfully launched a new online vertical leadership development program using modern technology - managed visioning, prototyping, marketing, sales, delivery and evolution of the product.
  • Over 1000 hours of designing/delivering learning interventions with individuals, small and large groups of up to 800 people. Designed effective and innovative learning experiences using the right combination of virtual/in-person fit-for-purpose learning methods. 
  • Delivered over 100 workshops in personal development, innovation, effectiveness and team work.
  • Developed own technique of systemic visual communication to simplify complex sets of information.
  • Studied Future Studies at Singularity University focusing on the future impact of disruptive technologies. Developed a concept of a new leadership development game incorporating cutting-edge technology and the latest research in psychology and adult learning.