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It's Time to Get Real About Your Investments

Mauldin Economics specializes in helping individual investors develop a clearer understanding of the forces driving the global economy and investment markets.

A publisher of financial newsletters written by some of the most respected names in the industry, Mauldin Economics’ mission is to inform readers about specific opportunities that meet today's most pressing investment goals; to boost investment income, generate capital gains, and preserve wealth in turbulent markets.

Mauldin Economics believes in taking a realistic approach to the economy and investment markets. That starts by stepping back from all the noise and fear in the daily news and—with the aid of our deep network—focusing on the search for the world's best income opportunities.

Mauldin Economics stable of financial analysts and experts includes:

Jared Dillian

One of Wall Street’s preeminent risk-takers and editor of Street Freak (named after his highly praised book), The Daily Dirtnap, and The 10th Man newsletters.

John Mauldin

John's Thoughts from the Frontline and Outside the Box—free newsletters that explore the big picture of world economics—make him one of America's most widely followed thinkers on the challenges and opportunities facing investors.

Patrick Watson

Global macro specialist and editor of Connecting the Dots, Yield Shark, and Macro Growth & Income Alert.

Robert Ross

Senior equity analyst, Macro Growth & Income Alert contributor, and creator of Mauldin Economics’ Equity Evaluation System—a proprietary stock selection system using 75+ criteria to find the best investment opportunities in US stocks.

George Freidman

Expert in intelligence and international geopolitics, editor of This Week in Geopolitics.

Patrick Cox

Resident techie and editor of Transformational Technology Alert and Tech Digest.

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