Japanese Services


We are located in Miami, FL for Asian language services including teaching. We have lots of inquires to teach survival Japanese. Here is our first course for you!

One of our lead Japanese teachers is Aki, a native Japanese speaker. She studied in Kobe, Japan to become a Japanese teacher with the intention of teaching outside of Japan. She has experience teaching people of all levels and backgrounds both in Japan and overseas over 20 years. She loves teaching!

We want to tell you about Japanese culture as well as the language. Our lesson is usually only in Japanese.

We understand how hard it is to learn another language. We hope to help you learn Japanese.

Our next course will be concentrated on Japanese exam, which JLPT, Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Also we are thinking to offer to learn Japanese by using Japanese stand-up comedy, Manzai, which is loved specially by people in Kansai area of Japan.

Keep studying and enjoy!