Jan Marie Mueller

Founder & CEO of ThinkBrilliantly.com

Jan Marie Mueller is the founder of ThinkBrilliantly.com and a lifelong advocate and firm believer in the value of personal growth and development for a better, more productive life.

Jan Marie has authored dozens of articles on a wide range of topics including motivation, people management, success, stress, and parenting. She is also an accomplished author of children´s books.

Prior to ThinkBrilliantly.com, Jan Marie spent the better part of 20 years working as an international teacher trainer and running her own language schools in southern Germany. At the same time she was responsible for material development and online teacher support.

Jan Marie is an author of two series of children´s books: Nature´s Amazing! and Amazing Kids! She is currently working on a parenting guide and another book outlining her belief in the power of what she calls a “success mindset”.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from the University of Sonoma in California and has many lessons and experiences in people and business management that she wishes to share with you.

Her mission is to provide you with a foundation of ideas that you can both identify with and apply to your daily life. She loves reaching out to and helping others do what it takes to make the positive changes that can lead to greater happiness, success and self-esteem in life. She looks forward to helping you, too.

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