Janis is a light worker specialising in the field of addiction recovery. Having been in recovery from alcohol addiction since 2004, she is passionate about helping others who have already attained sobriety but feel that there is something missing from their lives.

After attaining sobriety after many relapses she believed that having stopped drinking alcohol, her life would miraculously change and that she would live happily ever after. It soon became apparent that although she was sober, her shattered life with all the trauma, fear, self-loathing, shame and guilt together with broken relationships associated with her addiction had to be addressed to avoid another relapse. Janis refers to this state of being as The Vibration of Addiction.

There is a greater version of ourselves that is longing to emerge from beneath the pain and suffering caused by addiction. Our yearning to return to our true nature, love, is strongly programmed in us and it manifests in our lives as “something missing.” Some people refer to it as a hole in the soul. That emergence will naturally occur by releasing the emotional trauma (The Vibration of Addiction).

Determined to thrive in recovery instead of just surviving, she spent years searching for tools to and techniques to assist her in achieving just that and shares her knowledge and experience with others walking a similar path.

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